Implementing the training plan for the academic year 2023 - 2024 of Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), the Faculty of Biotechnology organized a Professional Internship for students of class K65CNSHE in Dalat city, from December 12 to December 15, 2023.

K65-CNSHE students and two lecturers in front of the building of the Faculty of Biotechnology

After arriving in the flower city of Da Lat, the first destination to visit and study was Dalat Hasfarm Ltd. in the farm at Da Ron site. This was Dalat Hasfarm's largest farm with an area of 250 hectares and 143 hectares of greenhouses. Coming there, the intern group was extremely grateful for the warm welcome from the staff, especially from Dr. Bernhard Schenke, General Director of Dalat Hasfarm Company Limited.

Dr. Bernhard Schenke, General Director of Dalat Hasfarm Co., Ltd, welcomes VNUA’s students to the farm.
The photo of VNUA’s students with Dr. Bernhard Schenke at Dalat Hasfarm Farm at Da Ron

Dr. Bernhard Schenke briefly introduced the history, mission, and vision of Dalat Hasfarm Ltd., since the startup period to the future strategies. Then, a representative from the farm gave an introduction to numerous impressive flower products as well as Bio Pro, a product line that included insects that were natural enemies of pests and diseases, thereby contributing to reducing pests and diseases. The products promised the minimization of the amount of pesticides, creating sustainable agriculture.

The representative researcher from BioPro introduces the new products

At the farm in Da Ron, VNUA’s students had the opportunity to visit and learn about the process of caring for plants and flowers in large-scale greenhouses with extremely modern production processes and equipment, meeting the needs of customers. They also had the chance to study the requirements of cut- and potted flowers for the domestic and export markets. In addition, they also learned about the strict packaging process to ensure the quality of flowers delivered to domestic consumers as well as flowers export to European and Asian countries such as Japan, Australia, China, and Korea.

Some other activities of class K65CNSHE at Dalat Hasfarm

The next destination to visit and study was the YSA Orchid Farm. The students visited the greenhouse growing orchids with hundreds of varieties diverse in both color and shape. Besides, they observed the process of packaging orchids for export to help the flowers retain their natural beauty during long transportation.

YSA Orchid Farm

Da Lat Sac Mau Co., Ltd. was the next stop of the group, a pioneering and leading agricultural resort in Da Lat, Lam Dong, which enhanced the value of floral and vegetable commerce via the exhibition and tourist activities. There, visitors could visit hundreds of colorful flower species grown outdoors and indoors with a canopy system.

The students arrive at Dalat Sac Mau Tourist Area.

Langbiang Farm Co., Ltd. was established in July 2005 and was the first high-tech agricultural enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The intern group had a chance to learn more about the process of caring for flower varieties such as Tana daisies, Chrysanthemums, and clean agricultural products such as lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries of New Zealand and Korean varieties. The farm products met the requirements of Global Gap cleanliness standards. Applying modern scientific and technological achievements to production, every greenhouse on the farm was equipped with a smartphone control system, sensor system, and heat sensor with the purpose of providing quality products that were safe for health. In addition, Langbiang Farm also wanted to bring high-tech agriculture closer to consumers by providing agricultural tourism services and agricultural experiences at the Green Box cafe.

The exhibition of significant products of Langbiang’Farm at Green Box cafe
A photo of VNUA’s students with the Director of Langbiang Farm Company Limited

The students then visited the Potato, Vegetable and Flower Research Center. The group was introduced to the center and visited to learn about strawberry, potato and tomato production processes using high technology with modern net house systems such as drip irrigation technology and fecal injection.

Some activities at the Potato, Vegetable and Flower Research Center.

The Professional Internship was very effective with the achievements of academic purpose. The students were extremely thankful to Dalat Hasfarm Ltd., YSA orchid farm, Langbiang Farm, Dalat Sac Mau Ltd., Potato Vegetable and Flower Research Center, VNUA, Faculty of Biotechnology, and other people for the numerous supports during the fruitful internship.

Photos by K65-CNSHE students