The Faculty of Biotechnology (FBT) was founded on 22/10/2008. Since its establishment, the faculty has continuously developed in quality with a team of well-trained academic personnel experienced in scientific research. From a small number of majors and agricultural research activities since the early days, the Faculty of Biotechnology has expanded with many other majors with detailed training programs to meet the needs of society and learners.

Training program

The undergraduate training program in the major of biotechnology began to enroll students in 2003. Currently, 18 courses have been enrolled with a total of more than 1,500 graduates (with more than 80% of students graduating with good, very good and excellent degrees). The advanced training program (taught in English) began to enroll students in 2011. Currently, 10 courses have been enrolled with the number of nearly 250 graduates (The proportion of graduates with good, very good and excellent degrees is greater than 90%). The undergraduate training program specializing in Edible Mushroom and Medicinal Fungi began to enroll students in 2015. Currently, 6 courses have been enrolled, with nearly 100 students graduating. The undergraduate training program in Biopharmaceutical Technology began to enroll students in 2021.

The master program started enrolling in 2010 with 11 courses so far with a total of more than 200 graduates.

Doctoral program (3 years), FBT started enrolling students from 2019.

Scholarships and exchange programs for students of the FBT


1.       Orion Scholarship

Within the cooperation framework between Orion Company - Korea and Institute of Agricultural Biology - Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Orion Company - Korea will sponsor 05 scholarships annually for students majoring in biotechnology. The total value of the scholarship is up to 5,000 USD/scholarship.

Representative of Orion Scholarship Foundation and Representative of the Board of Directors of VNUA awarded the "Khoai tây quê hương" scholarship to students of the Faculty of Biotechnology 

2.       Bồ công anh (dandelion) Scholarship

In order to recognize and encourage the learning process and support the FBT students who plan to apply for master's and doctoral scholarships abroad, the alumni of biotechnology support and accompany students of the FBT on their future study and career development through FBT alumni Scholarship Fund. Every year, 05 scholarships are given to students of the faculty. The total value of the scholarship is up to 10,000,000 VND/scholarship.

3.       Learning Encouragement Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded twice a year, with one for each semester. In order to be awarded the scholarship, students need to have good academic and training results, without an F, and accumulate at least 15 credits/semester. Each semester, the Department of Biotechnology offers from 70 to 80 scholarships.

Scholarship Value:



Very good


Biotechnology, POHE, Biopharmaceutical technology




Advanced biotechnology major




Scholarship value: VND/month (The value is likely to change annually)

4.       Sakura Science Program, Japan (3 weeks)

One of the activities of the MOU between Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) and three Vietnamese universities, including the Faculty of Biotechnology, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, is a short-term student exchange program. 03 students are chosen to participate in the program each year. In this program, students have opportunities to immerse themselves in the educational environment overseas, communicate with friends of the same age from other countries, learn about contemporary technologies and engineering, as well as their way of seeing, approaching and solving problems. Fees such as round-trip airfare, meals during their study in Japan will be supported by NUT.

 International cooperation/student exchange - Regular activities associated with the Biotechnology training program, Vietnam National University of Agriculture

5. Training course “Molecular Biology”, Japan (1 week)

As one of the annual activities of the faculty to train students on genetic engineering applied in diagnosis and prevention of plant diseases, providing updated knowledge and information on ecology, training skills in writing articles and scientific reports directly taught by professors of Tsukuba University (Japan). Every year, 10 to 15 students are selected for this exchange program.


Apart from the abovementioned scholarships and exchange programs, FBT students are offered the chance to participate in scientific research with the faculty lecturers or competitions of scientific research among students. They also have many opportunities to attend seminars and conferences within Vietnam or overseas. Additionally, students can take part in many student organizations.